Personalised Video from Santa
Only £9.99

Let's show you an example video

Take a look at this video we have created for Jack, who is 2 years old and loves playing football. You can see all the magical memories that we have included in his video and how Santa knows all about him.

Just imagine your little one being the star of their very own video from Santa.

Your video will be as magical as this one.

Create the magic of Christmas with a personalised video from Santa

Imagine your little ones face when they see that Santa has created their very own personalised video just for them, each and every videos allows you to personalise:

  • 4 x photos
  • Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Hometown
  • Favourite activity or achievement
  • Personalised message

Personalised Book from Santa - Elf example pages

6 Bright Beautiful Personalised covers to choose from

Personalise once, keep forever

Once your video has been magically created you will be provided with a download link so you can keep your personalised video forever. Meaning that your little ones can watch their very own magical video over and over again.

This magical video is yours to keep forever, once you have downloaded it, keep it safe.

Personalised Book from Santa - Elf example pages

Individual or Multi-Child/Sibling versions available

Whether you would like every child in your family to have their very own personalised Christmas video or if you would like to have a single video for all the children we have got you covered as you can choose from either of these options.