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What could be more magical than your child receiving a special, personalised letter from the big man himself, Santa? With Santa and his Fluffy Blanket - a personalised letter from Santa, your little one will feel like they’re right in the heart of the action at the North Pole!

This whimsical letter will provide your child with an exclusive peak into what life at the North Pole is really like. Imagine it: Santa sitting in his favourite spot with his hot cup of cocoa and a cozy blanket, regaling young readers with stories of mischievous elves and playful reindeer. That’s exactly what they’ll receive with this unique and personalised experience. Not only will their name be proudly printed on the envelope, but there will also be sweet poetry that varies depending on age — perfect for fans of all ages!

Sharing something so special with your child promises to create a keepsake that both you and they will treasure forever. And who knows, perhaps after hearing Santa’s incredible stories their imaginations will be sparked and filled with dreams of future trips to the North Pole too! So don't miss out – let your precious one have an extra-special experience this holiday season by giving them Santa and his Fluffy Blanket - a personalised letter from Santa today!

Preview this letter from Santa - Santa and his Fluffy Blanket


My dearest [First name],

Did I ever tell you about one of my favourite things to do over the Christmas season? I don’t think I have, so go ask [Relative Name] to help you make a cup of hot cocoa or maybe even some yummy tea, and then snuggle up with a fluffy blanket while you read my letter together.

You see, my favourite thing is exactly that. I love drinking hot cocoa on very cold days with my fluffy blanket. That blanket was a gift from Mrs Claus many years ago, and l make sure to look after it as best as I can. When I’m all cuddled up on my favourite chair, the elves and the reindeer and even our pets, Molly, the cat, and Bubba, the dog, come join me. Every night, one of the elves picks a book to read, and then we spend the evening reading together. Do [Friends Name] and you also like reading together?

Last night, we read the story about Rudolph and his red nose. Poor little Rudolph hated that red nose, but once he realised how wonderful it was, he loved it instead. It’s one of my favourite Christmas stories. Then again, I like all Christmas stories. Do you have a favourite one to read? I do hope so.

Perhaps you could write me a letter and tell me which story it is. Don’t forget to let me know if your Christmas wish is still a [Present]. [Relative Name] already told me about your [Achievement], but maybe you could tell me a bit more about it too! I’m always super impressed a [Boy/Girl] that is [Age Range] old does such wonderful things. I’ll be keeping my eye out for that letter from [HomeTown].

My dear [Boy/Girl], I really wish you the most magical festive season.

May it be filled with all the good things, hot cocoa, good books, and cuddly blankets.

Merry Christmas,

[Santa Claus]

Personalise Every Detail

To make the letter from Santa very authentic along with the choice of letter you can also personalise:

  • Best friends name
  • Their achievements
  • Age
  • Home town
  • The present they would like for Christmas
  • A reference to their parents or guardians
  • Whether they are a boy or a girl
  • Your choice of posting date

Just imagine their face when they read that Santa Claus knows so much about them

Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa

Did they make it onto Santa's Official Nice List this year?

We can make your Santa letter extra special by adding a personalised nice list certificate, so your little one can be the envy of their friends.

Each and every certificate is individually personalised with the childs name, Santa's signature and the date.

Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa

Make it extra magical by adding an Activity Pack to your letter

Let us make this the best Christmas yet by including one of our activity packs to your festive envelope, everything below is included when you add this to your order:

  • Personalised Official Nice List Certificate
  • Santa Stop Here Door Hanger
  • Festive Stickers
  • Christmas Decorations Cut Outs
  • Double Sided Festive Activity Sheet
    • Word Scramble, Dot-to-Dot, Colouring, Word Search
    • Spot the difference, maze, noughts and crosses
  • Text Message from Santa on Christmas Day
Personalised Magical Letter From Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Text message from Santa on Christmas Morning
North Pole Envelope
Personalised Magical Letter From Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Text message from Santa on Christmas Morning
North Pole Envelope

Text Message from Santa on Christmas Day

Although Santa is very busy at Christmas, he will definitely have time to send your little one a text message on Christmas day if you wish, making sure they have a Merry Christmas and hoping they have a wonderful day.

If you add an activity pack to your order a message from Santa is automatically included, however if you did not want the activity pack you can still add the message as an optional extra.

Beautifully illustrated

Finally, all our Santa Letters arrive in a North Pole Envelope

Each and every letter posted from the North Pole is individually addressed to the child and posted in their very own North Pole envelope which will stand out when the postman pops this through their door.

Just imagine their little faces when their very own envelope from the North Pole arrives.

North Pole Envelope containing Letter from Santa

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