Personalised letters from Santa Claus

Santa Letter Direct has a range of magical personalised letters from Santa that are posted to children all around the world. We can make your Christmas even more magical with our range of personalised Santa videos, Christmas Eve books and our exclusive Dear Santa packs. We look forward to bring the magic of Christmas to our child this year.

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Personalised Letter from Santa

Every letter from Santa is personalised, printed, posted and then delivered direct to your child in a festive envelope with a north pole stamp.

All you need to do is choose the background design for your letter, fill in your child's personalisation details including

  • Best friends name
  • Their achievements
  • Age
  • Home town
  • The present they would like for Christmas
  • A reference to their parents or guardians
  • Whether they are a boy or a girl

Your child can also receive a personalised text message on Christmas Day morning direct from Santa Claus.

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