Elves sledging competition - Personalised Letter From Santa  SLD151 - Lovingly created by Santa Letter Direct


The elves has had the most fantastic day, they have had their very first sledging competition at the North Pole.

Let us take your child through the sledging competition with your very own personalised letter from Santa by including details such as name, age, best friends name and an achievement along with other personalisation details to make a truly authentic letter from Santa.

Each and every letter from Santa that we post out arrives in a North Pole envelope to really bring the magic this Christmas.

We hope they have extra nice this year and to celebrate why not add a personalised nice list certificate to their order or how about an activity pack containing colouring, stickers and a Santa stop here door hanger.

We cannot wait to see a letter being posted to your child this year.

Preview this letter from Santa - Elves sledging competition


Ho, ho, ho [First name],

I have had the most wonderful morning and just must share the news with you, my dear [Boy/Girl]. Can you believe it? The elves decided to hold their very own Christmas sledging competition. It was incredible!

The elves woke up super early and set everything up. They even packed the sledges with Christmas presents to make sure it was a real Christmas sledging adventure. Mrs Claus made sure everyone had some warm milk and a Christmas cookie or two. I may have had a few additional cookies, but we won’t tell Mrs Claus that. When the competition finally started, the reindeer and I cheered the elves on. It was wonderful. Everyone was so happy and excited. I must say, all my elves did really well, and I am very proud of them indeed.

I am also very proud of you, [First name]. [Relative Name] told me all about your [Achievement]. At [Age Range] old that truly is a fantastic achievement. Well done! I am happy to tell you that you are once again on my nice list. Are you still hoping for a [Present]? That reminds me, I must check with the elves to see if they have started making [Friends Name] a present already. I will ask them as soon as they wake up from their nap. At the moment they’re fast asleep in front of the fireplace. After all, sledging competitions are very hard work.

Speaking of hard work, there is much to do till Christmas, so let me get back to it. But first, I think, I’ll see if Mrs Claus has any of those delicious Christmas cookies left over.

I am looking forward to visiting you in [HomeTown] soon, my dear [Boy/Girl]. Until then, remember to spread the Christmas cheer and have a magical Festive Season.

[Santa Claus]

Personalise Every Detail

To make the letter from Santa very authentic along with the choice of letter you can also personalise:

  • Best friends name
  • Their achievements
  • Age
  • Home town
  • The present they would like for Christmas
  • A reference to their parents or guardians
  • Whether they are a boy or a girl
  • Your choice of posting date

Just imagine their face when they read that Santa Claus knows so much about them

Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa

Did they make it onto Santa's Official Nice List this year?

We can make your Santa letter extra special by adding a personalised nice list certificate, so your little one can be the envy of their friends.

Each and every certificate is individually personalised with the childs name, Santa's signature and the date.

Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa

Make it extra magical by adding an Activity Pack to your letter

Let us make this the best Christmas yet by including one of our activity packs to your festive envelope, everything below is included when you add this to your order:

  • Personalised Official Nice List Certificate
  • Santa Stop Here Door Hanger
  • Festive Stickers
  • Christmas Decorations Cut Outs
  • Double Sided Festive Activity Sheet
    • Word Scramble, Dot-to-Dot, Colouring, Word Search
    • Spot the difference, maze, noughts and crosses
  • Text Message from Santa on Christmas Day
Personalised Magical Letter From Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Text message from Santa on Christmas Morning
North Pole Envelope
Personalised Magical Letter From Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Personalised Nice List Certificate from Santa
Text message from Santa on Christmas Morning
North Pole Envelope

Text Message from Santa on Christmas Day

Although Santa is very busy at Christmas, he will definitely have time to send your little one a text message on Christmas day if you wish, making sure they have a Merry Christmas and hoping they have a wonderful day.

If you add an activity pack to your order a message from Santa is automatically included, however if you did not want the activity pack you can still add the message as an optional extra.

Beautifully illustrated

Finally, all our Santa Letters arrive in a North Pole Envelope

Each and every letter posted from the North Pole is individually addressed to the child and posted in their very own North Pole envelope which will stand out when the postman pops this through their door.

Just imagine their little faces when their very own envelope from the North Pole arrives.

North Pole Envelope containing Letter from Santa

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